Longarm Quilting Services

We provide professional longarm quilting for your quilt tops.  Our services (see below) include custom designs, pantograph, meandering, stippling, and more.  

Longarm Quilting
Price per
Square Inch**
Minimum Charges**
Basting $0.005 $50.00
Meandering - Utility $0.0175 $50.00
Pantograph (edge to edge) (Level II) $0.02 $50.00
Pantograph (edge to edge) (Level III) $0.05 $50.00
Custom - we no longer provide this service n/a n/a


Other Charges Price** Details
Regular Longarm Thread included Includes 1 color.
Non-Cotton Backing $20. Non-cotton backings such as fleece, minky, or snuggle fabrics are excessively stretchy and warrant careful watching to ensure that there aren't any folds or tucks. They can create difficulty when loading and may take extra care in panto choice. $20
Specialty Thread $5.00 variegated, etc.
Repairs MINOR repairs done to vintage quilt tops $25 hour.
(Can do several minor repairs for the one hour charge.)
$25 minimum charge
Binding (applied by machine to quilt front, ready for YOU to hand stitch to back.) $0.15/linear inch  
Binding (applied by machine to quilt Back, then machine stitched to front) $0.20/linear inch  
Backing Assembly $10.00 per seam  
Rush Order $50 per quilt (usually less than one week turnaround) $50
(iron, trim threads, etc.)
$25.00 per hour Minimum 1/2 hour charge
(including insurance)

One quilt - $25.00
Add $10.00 for each additional quilt sent with this order. If several small quilts (such as baby quilts or throws) being returned, we will adjust shipping accordingly.

If in Florida, shipping is $15, (orlower if baby quilts)

This pricing is for USPS Priority Shipping only. If you prefer another shipping company, prices will change based on their current rates.

(2 quilts = $35.00,
3 = $45.00, etc.)
Sales Tax We do charge our Florida Sales Tax rate. 7%  

Pricing effective March 1, 2022

**Prices subject to change without notice (and degree of difficulty of project).

Batting:  You may supply your own or purchase from us. 
Available battings are:  

    • Hobbs 80/20* - $.31 inch
    • Warm & Natural - $.50 inch

*80/20 - 80% cotton, 20% polyester Gives the batting a little stability while working on the longarm. Won't bunch up after multiple machine washings. 

*Fullness Disclaimer - Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt top cannot be quilted out. We cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won't be sewn in. In some cases excessive fullness in borders may result in quilt top corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top is, (ironing helps a lot) the better the finished quilt will turn out.

*Mechanical Disclaimer- Please be aware that sewing machines including long arm machines are mechanical devices. Although we do our best to ensure perfect results every time, on the very rare occasion mechanical problems can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.

How much fabric do I need for binding?

For binding, we need to determine the 'perimeter' of the quilt top. To determine the perimeter add together the outside dimensions of the quilt top, the top and bottom widths, and the left and right side outside dimensions and add 10 inches for closure (to allow for mitering of the binding).

Example, if a quilt top is 60" x 70", you would calculate (60+60+70+70+10) = 270". Divide this measurement by 42" (width of fabric) = 6.43 strips. You would realistically cut 7 width of fabric strips 2.5" wide.

These strips are then sewn/mitered together, then sewn onto the quilt on the back side of the quilt sandwich AFTER the quilting has been completed, then fold the strip to the top side and machine stitch along the folded edge.

For more details and a handy chart to calculate fabric requirements, click on our BINDING article.

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