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Quilting is a passion.

Whether you are just a beginner, have quilts from your grandma, or have been quilting for years. I (who have been quilting since the late 70's) am passionate about quilting in several ways.

I grew up seeing my grandma and great-grandmas quilts (My mom didn't start making quilts until later in life). Some of my most vivid memories were when we would arrive at my grandmas farm in Colorado. The first thing we always did was go to the main bedroom, and grandma would lay out quilts, and talk about each one. This was an impromptu 'quilt turning'. Annie May Scarlett would tell stories about my two-great grandmothers and their quilts. Seeing the quilts, one great-granmother was a MUCH better quilter than the other. No matter, I love them all the same.

Now, over 40 years later, I am still learning new things, and happy to share from my experience - both good and not-so-good.

70 Uses For Quilt Batting Scraps

You've been quilting for a short time or a long time. You have BATTING (wadding) scraps. Lots of suggestions of what can you do with them. Recycle, reuse, repurpose.


Everything you need to know about Quilt Batting. and how to decide which batting to use.

Quilters Acronyms

What do all those initials mean? BITE, BOM, D9P? Learn some the lingo that quilters use.

Fabric Labels 101

A quilt is not finished until it has a label. Who made it, why did you make it, who was it made for?

Quilting For Beginners

New to quilting? Lots of questions?

Start here for help from the experts.

Cutting Side and Corner Triangles For Diagonal Sets

Cutting side triangles. Quilters can use this triangle cutting chart when piecing a diagonal layout quilt.


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10 Ways To Cut A Fat Quarter

Fat Quarters! You have them, what are you going to do with them? Check out this quick chart for how to cut fat quarter into usuable pieces.

Face Masks - Free Pattern

There are all sorts of free face masks patterns on the web, due to the COVID-19 virus. We used several different patterns, and this is the one we used the most, with our modifications.

Flax Herbal Bags

Make sachet type bags old timey herbal remedies from rice or flax.

To Wash or Not to Wash Fabric

Quite the controversy on whether you should or should not wash your fabric before you use it in a quilt.

Quilt Binding - Machine or by Hand?

Binding is the final step that gives your project a professional finish.

What should you do? Add the binding by machine or by hand?

More Quilting Tips

Updated 2022.
More tips, tricks and ideas for quilting and applique.

5 Golden Rules of Quilting

These 'rules' of quilting are really just guidlines for better results with your piecing. Take a look!

5 Quilting Rules Made to Be Broken

Most of the time, rules are a good thing, like stopping at red lights, do unto others and so on. But, in the quilting world we do it differently. I promise the "quilt police" won't come after you!

Patterns, Plans & Ideas For Your Quilt Studio!

Whether you have a longarm or midarm, we have put together several plans that you (or Hubby) can easily make to enhance your studio!

Inset or Y Seams

Y-Seams. So scary, but really pretty easy to do, with these easy tips and tricks.

Quilt Block Swaps

Swap quilt blocks online or locally. How to be successful swapping blocks or fabrics with others.

Quilting Commandments

Lots of fun rules about quilting.