washer dryerTaking Care of Your New and Vintage Quilts

How do you care for a quilt? Here are some tips and suggestions for taking care of your quilt, whether it is new or a family heirloom.

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Why Would you Need to Dry-Clean a Quilt?

You would only have to dry-clean a quilt if there were fabric used to make the quilt that would either shrink or bleed. Read more about this here.

Repairs (or My Dog Ate My Quilt)

Things happen. Puppies are teething, and maybe using your favorite quilt to chew on! Here is what we can do.

Quilt Care Do's and Don'ts

Lots of information about storing and taking care of your quilts, whether new or your family heirloom.

Hanging a Quilt

We show you a number of methods for hanging or displaying your quilt either temporary or permanently.


How Long Will Your T-Shirt Quilt Last?

You don't have to store your quilt to make it last several generations.  Here are several tips to help your t-shirt quilt last for years and years.