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We are starting anew, and looking forward to meeting quilters in the Central Florida area. Of course, if you want to mail in your quilt top, we will provide free return shipping to the Houston area through the end 2022.

Meanwhile, you can still find us online. We have re-opened our Etsy Store and are listing some really cool vintage sewing collectibles on eBay (and Etsy). Check back often for new listings.

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9179 SE 171st Cooper Loop
The Villages, FL 32162


OR Bring your quilt top to Mulberry Chapter on Tuesday mornings at Mulberry RCC.

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COVID Quilting

The year 2020 was a pivotal year for Shadywood Quilts. We sold the t-shirt quilts part of our business on January 1, 2020. After selling, our plans were to just hang out and be retired folks. We were looking to buy property either in Missouri where our kids live, or in Florida....

Just a few months later, Covid-19 hit. We had to just hang out and retire. Months of lockdown in place. My wonderful quilters diligently completed quilt tops that they didn't even remember having! We had many 'hand off' of quilt-tops/finished quilts in the driveway; with popped trunks. We weren't as 'retired' as we thought we would be, but appreciated the continued business.

Fast forward to March 2021. "Hell Freezes Over". Houston that is. While we are supposed to be closing on our home in Cypress, Texas AND the new home in The Villages Florida. We had unprecedented freezing cold weather down into the teens for several days. We not only lost power, but internet and all that went with it. Florida folks were like 'just sign on line" Umm no, no internet.

2024 Update: - We have been in Florida for just over THREE YEARS! OMG. I am thankful for all my prior customers sticking with me. It was not expected, but greatly appreciated.

The quilting world in The Villages, Florida (55+ retirement village) is entirely different from the Texas environment I came from! Check out my blog for updates.

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