Pantographs (or Edge to Edge)

Pantographs are patterns that are quilted from the left edge of the quilt to the right edge and the quilting is completed irregardless of the pattern of the quilt top.

Our pricing for Pantographs are based on three levels of density.  The higher the density of the quilting, the higher the cost for quilting.

Sample Pantographs

The edge to edge style of quilting is very popular and very cost effective.  It consists of a repeating design over the entire quilt top, from one edge to the other.  You choose the design, or let me choose for you. Some of the more poplular patterns are shown below. I have hundreds of patterns in my library to choose from.

$0.0195 per square inch for most patterns.

Here is a sampling of the hundreds of pantographs that we have available to quilt your quilt top. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have seen a pattern that you like somewhere else, just let us know. We probably already have it or will be happy to try and locate it.

Keep in mind that we use a computer so the patterns that use are digital and not printed on paper. Many designers have patterns available in both digital and paper format. We can re-size patterns to perfectly complement YOUR quilt.

Sampling of Patterns

AfricanSafari Animal_Safari Blackberry Blackberry Allegiance Allegiance Ambrosia Ambrosia Angelica Angelica Angle Play Angle_Play Animal Crackers Animal_Crackers Arabesque Arabesque Basic Scribble Basic_Scribble Boardwalk Boardwalk Bountiful feathers Bountiful_Feathers Bubbles Bubbles Cascade PantoCascade

Cheyanne Cheyanne China Grove China_Grove Circled Loops Circled_Loops Clamshell Clamshells Cool Beans Cool_Beans Crazy puzzle Crazy_Puzzle Debs Swirls Debs_Swirls Double Bubble Double_Bubble Dusty Miller Grande Dusty_Miller Fantasy Feathers Fantasy_Feathers Fantasy Garden Fantasy_Garden Feather Meander Feather_Meander Feather Flower Feather_Swirls Featheration PantoFeatheration

Fern Gully Fern_Gully

Fire Lily Panto Fire_Lily

Flippin Frawns PantoFlippin_Frawns

Florence PantoFlorence

Flounce PantoFlounce

Funky-Fan PantoFunky-Fan

Haiku PantoHaiku

Hearts A Flutter PantoHearts_A_Flutter

Hexelent PantoHexelent

Honeycomb PantoHoneycomb

HotCocoa PantoHot_Cocoa

HotNights PantoHot_Nights

Meanderin gHolly PantoMeandering_Holly

Saturn Swirls PantoSaturn_Swirls