Oops, The Dog Ate My T-Shirt Quilt!

February 17, 2019, updated August 2022 

Can You Fix My Quilt?

Hole in a quiltThings happen.  Puppies are teething, and maybe they used your favorite tshirt quilt to chew on.  What we can do?

The quilt on the right was christened by our own Shiner  (a blue heeler) about 15 years ago.  He teethed in several places, but I already fixed the worst holes..  These that are left, just make me go awwwww. (we've since lost Shiner (May 2021), but I still value this quilt for the memories).

So, what happens when you have a quilt that is damaged?  Can we fix it?  Well, yes, pretty much anything can be fixed.  However, it might cost a bit depending on the time involved.

The Repairs

Most companies  will say NO!!! we won't fix that.  What we do is take the quilting stitches out (much easier when the quilting isn't that 'scribble' quilting....)  replace the offending block (you might have to provide a new t-shirt) . We then reload the quilt on the quilting machine and quilt the new area.  This all takes time, and is not our most favorite task.  While we do not want to be in the business of repairing quilts, we will repair a t-shirt quilt that we made, and for a reasonable price.

quilt needing repairIn these next two photos, the dog didn't eat it, but when it was laundered the old blanket (mostly old polyester) they used in two of the blocks disintegrated!  You can see inside the quilt, the and needle holes from where we removed the quilting.  It is an easier job if the repairs on one of the sides of the quilt.

Please note that we do NOT CHOP a big section of your quilt out to replace the injured area. As noted before, we are professionals and REAL quilters. We actually, undo all the hard work that we originally did, and replace the parts. You won't be able to tell we were there.

After replacing the blanket squares, we added the new tees, then quilted it. Couldn't tell we had done any repairs after we were  finished.

inside of quiltNote: If the repair needs to be made in one of the borders or sashing, hopefully we will still have the fabrics in stock. 

Hopefully, the love for your t-shirt quilt will be limited to snuggling and curling up in a chair!

Shadywood Quilts  is a full service professional business that can help you complete your quilt at most any stage. We also 'fix' quilts made by non-professionals. If you get started, and don't feel you are going to be able to complete your quilt. Take pictures of your quilt in process, email it to us, and we can let you know if we can help you get it finished.

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