Show And Tell Themes

These suggestions can be as simple as having five to ten people (depending on how much they like to talk!), or inviting someone to do a "Trunk Show" with their collection of Topic.

Generation Quilts -
Quilts From the Past

Show quilts from several generations of a single family. For example, I have quilts from two of my great-grandmothers, grandmother, mother, me and my daughter. What a great history! Have displayed these quilts at quilt shows over the years.

Block Of the Month (BOM) Quilts.

Great quilts that have been created over the months with guidance from others. Back in 1990's I did several BOM quilts because I was working full time, and receiving a block each month to complete was just my speed.


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Round Robin or Row Quilts

What a great way to work with others to make a great quilt. Round Robins are a bit differnent that Row Quilts. But, the end result is the same. You provide the theme, others creativly complete that idea.

Christmas or Holiday Theme

What was the theme of these quilts? Christmas, Easter, Halloween or something else?

First Quilt Last Quilt

Have several selected folks show their first quilt and last quilt. Lots of laughs as folks share their mistakes and problems and how they have grown over the years.

Challenge Quilts

Have you participated in a Challenge Quilt? If you did, what where the requirements, what were the challenges and what did you learn? There can be a lot of interesting stories from those who have participated.

Favorite Tips and Tools

What is the best tip or tool that you have come across while quilting? Let's share with others.

Mystery Quilts

I have participated in Mystery Quilts over the years. Most turn out awesome, some... meh, not so much.

Start a Mystery Quilt, or have a Show N Tell of mystery quilts. Bring on the good, bad and the ugly!

My favorite Mystery Quilt gal is Meadow Mist Designs. Her quilts turn out wonderful!
Note: July 2022 - New mystery starting!!!