Quilt Shop Pop Up Shop

What is a pop-up shop and how does it work?

A pop-up shop, also referred to as flash retailing, is a trend where a brand randomly opens up a sales space for a short amount of time before closing it down. The idea of this tactic is to generate interest, create a sense of urgency, and get people to come pay your business a visit for a fun, limited time event.

Guild Meeting

Invite a local quilt shop (or two) to have a 'pop up shop' at your meeting. Encourage them to present a demo of two or three techniques. Then present fabric, patterns and other notions for sale at the venue.


Just got home from a quilting retreat in early March. The Quilting Palette came, set up a mini shop. She demonstrated three different techniques then opened her mini-store for us to shop. I think she did well, and we all got an influx of fabric and notions!

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